Before I get too deep into blogging check out this article in the Missoulian. I managed to name a shoe at work and called it the Polson.

Conor said "Blog This!" at least 1000 times this weekend. The entire 24 hours of his trip were to be documented in the form of this blog. Nothing was to escape the grasp of the blogging device. Except strip clubs. For some reason they don't like people taking photos in there. Conor had 3 requests from Portland: skateboard, go to at least 2 strip clubs, and drink 100 beers. I think goals were met all around.

It's always memorable to have my hetero-lifemate in town but this time we added a little Japanese dude named Yuji into the mix. He arrived on Friday for his first ever visit to the States as the one Coda rider from Japan. Conor instantly took Yuji under his wing to show him the way of Portland.
I could keep typing about all the ridiculous shit that was blogged and not blogged but I think the pictures do a better job.

The Mean Jeans' bulletin board.

Potential future Mean Jeans album artwork.

Great setup.

Alyson and Christian.

Fuck your frontside invert attempt.


Air Show.


Spencer, butt drop in.

Kickflip attempt?

Ramp lurkers.

Conor getting blogged with Friday.

Conor carries around a beard comb to maintain this thing...

I know this is dark but I only had one chance to get Conor smashing this TV on the curb. Those things are loud when they go.

Saturday skating. Yuji tried backside flips but the bamboo kept hitting him in the face. This spot also ended Conor's skating.

Ben with an insane tailslide.

Star Wars is 31.


Conor nursing the ankle.

Dudebarn lurking.

Dudebarn skatepark.

Ben can play Puff the Magic Dragon but doesn't know the words.

Conor and Grant. Grant was quite the interesting character.

Conor and Yuji.

Dance moves.

"Hey, aren't you Pat Smith?"

Earlier in the night Jake Phelps tried to give Verg a Skate Rock shirt. Verg said, no I'm good. Jake responded with, you're good wearing a Bad Religion shirt? Verg, no, I'm great.

More Japanese dance moves that are light years ahead of what we have in the States.

Tandem time with Yuji and Conor.

Just imagine this bike gang cruising by with Conor yelling Happy Mother's Day.

Waffle sandwich!

Yuji agrees that they are good.

Conor made friends everywhere. Heather lives across the street from Pat and Kara. If for some reason Heather actually reads this - remember Conor owes you a nice dinner when he's in town next.

Then to Kyle's to gather eggs.

Yuji was loving the chickens.

For those who don't know, the tandem was Verg's wedding gift to me and Amy. But in his haste to get it together in time for the party he put a regular crank on flipped instead of a proper tandem crank. Because of that the pedal unthreaded and fell off when Amy and I were riding it last week. Verg reattached the pedal and we thought all was good. Wrong. The Pedal fell off again so Verg rode the tandem superman style back to our house.

Conor, Verg, and Yuji's Saturday night aftermath. Champagne and hobo-style fires after the craziest party ever.

Bike gang.

Yuji trying the shotgun technique.

Yuji fed a piece of chicken to the chickens. For some reason he was really excited about that.


Yuji is also a Japanese pop star.

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Thanks for making Sunday awesome Kyle.

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