3 day freedom weekend

3 day weekends are great. Mine started with post-work margaritas on Friday (which put me in bed well ahead of schedule)but the weekend kept rolling from there. It's a bummer when the forecast calls for rain the entire time but Saturday turned out to be sunny and muggy. So we made the best of it with some skating. The rest of the weekend was pretty mellow. Nothing too exciting but fun all around. I'm sure there will be stories from the crew that went out to the coast.

This blog is almost entirely filed with shots from my digi point and shoot. But I love shooting film. I actually broke out my crappy old scanner so I could scan 2 photos of Conor from a road trip to Albuquerque in 2002. It was, hands down, the best road trip ever. Conor, I finally did it for you! Since I had the beast out I scanned a couple recent prints for the enjoyment of all.

Nothing like burning cans.

From the University in Mexico City.

Another amazing mosaic.

My little pony and friend.

On I-84 in Central Oregon there is this weird tree farm with endlessly straight rows of trees. Mackenzie and I had a photo shoot on our drive. She's pretending to be a tree.

Expect the blog to contain many more dog pictures now that Diesel lives with us.

Jumping gaps.

Brooke repping PDX airport.

Obviously lots of skating going on.

Caught between 2 blogs.

Essentials - beer and water.

Jonah picked himself up a choco taco.

This is a horrible skate shot but the only photo I took that shows how awesome this spot is.

Blog wars with Brooke.

Old computer shredding.

Blog device + beers = fun.

Nate rocks them tight.

Off to watch Portland and Vancouver. Thanks to work we got the box seats. There was a little rain falling when we left to ride bikes home. About halfway home the skies opened up and unleashed a downpour unlike any in recent memory. The funny thing was that I had pulled my rain pants out of my bag earlier in the day thinking I wouldn't need them. This was Saturday and my shoes still aren't dry today.

Amy and Diesel dancing.

I told you there'd be dog photos.

Verg just got a job working with Shimano as one of their road mechanics. It's rad for him because this is the job he's been working for. For those of us in Portland it sucks because this dude is a blast to have around.

And of course some footy from our session at Portland's best bank to ledge.

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