Dudebarn party

Friday night was Brandon's birthday. We had all hoped for C-Rex to do a show but the Mean Jeans were booked in Seattle and apparently that takes priority. There was still Ryan Jordan DJing in the living room, night skating, and lots of shotgunning. Brooke took my comments about blogging as a challenge and already beat me to the punch. Brooke, it wasn't meant to be a challenge, more of an insight about my slow blogging - or a compliment to your ability (and Jen's) to get blog posts, or sequences of Ben on his myspace page, up quickly.
This was pretty mellow for a dudebarn party. There were no bb guns present, no cake or chicken thrown into the ceiling fan, no band in the living room, and most of us can put our thumbs through beers cans like we were born doing it. However, the ramp session was heated and I don't think people have kicked into summer party gear yet. So if there was any disappointment that the antics didn't match the hype, try again, because the summer is sure to get wilder.

Billy getting blunted.

Ben, back D.

Koerner ripping.

Doug was blasting these all over the place. His night ended when he hung up on a backside disaster on the extension.

It's not a party without bikes.

Mid-party beer run.

Pat lost his skateboard... boohoo.

The birthday boy.

Party aftermath. This doesn't adequately show the destruction.

This made my Sunday.

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