For some reason this shot didn't make it into the last post but it was the perfect end-of-a-rad-day shot. The good ol' mighty Columbia River. Very Lewis and Clark.

Blogging has become this funny entity. At the dudebarn party last night Brooke and I were talking about blogging up the party and linking our blogs. She has a post on her blog about "blogging the shit out of something". Jen totally out-blogged me on the garage miniramp tour. The other day I read an article about how anybody with a digital camera and internet access posts up all their party photos and now they're a blogger and really who gives a shit about all your friends partying. That made me feel like this is just some futile effort. I like to think of this blog as a digital photo album. I'm sure most of the people reading this are the people in the photos, friends of the people in the photos, old friends, or my family.
I guess I still feel that having a blog is semi-retarded. I hate the word blog and I feel a little stupid some times saying, "I'm going to blog this." But blogs are the future - web 2.0 and all that bullshit. So I just have to get used to the word and accept that blogs are here to stay and proliferate.
Just wait until I blog the shit out of last night's dudebarn party - Unless Jen or Brooke have beat me to the punch already.

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