Everybody's working for the weekend.

We'll start this off with some photos of Diesel.

We had talked about big plans for skating on Saturday. But a slow start meant some street skating around Portland.

Ben was getting up on these wallrides. After this we went to a crazy ollie spot and then to Milwaukie High School where the ledges are all covered with metal.

Saturday night there was a Criterion race on Mississippi. Dudes were hauling around the course.

This little chiller was cruising back and forth to us on the concrete wall.

A bunch of guys were in town and setup tent city at the dudebarn. So to feed everyone they deep fried a turkey.

A broken handle means improvising. 2x4s as chopsticks.

There were deep fried pickles too.

Best idea out. Electric pickle.

Why not throw it in a jar?

What happens with an egg?

Maybe a furry stuffed animal? Turns out this one is no fun.

Beer can in the ceiling fan? That sounds like fun.

But it can get messy.

A perfect sign for the dudebarn.

Lurking in front of the bar.

Sunday helping Lucy with the chickens.

Then to a bike picnic in Cathedral Park. All organized by Ethan. Such a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Ethan's dad was lighting off fireworks all over the place. Thanks for organizing Ethan!

This guy's dog came out of nowhere and hung out for 5 minutes before he got there. Then he couldn't get it back to his house and just kept yelling for someone to bring him the leash. And it's shitting in this photo.

Still in a bathrobe at 2pm? Killing it.

St. Johns bridge. Kyle said it looks like a lot of concrete vaginas.

This bridge was designed by the same guy who did the Golden Gate Bridge.

Best quarterpipe in Portland.

Who needs a sticker when you can just write what you want to rep on your bike.

Bike slalom action. Shane eating it on the right.

Here's Ethan eating one of the wonderful sandwiches he provided fixins for.

Kyle was jumping for joy.

Amazing kung-fu style. I think Kyle played a lot of Street Fighter.

Sean hovering.

Lee Ann and Shane brought along Sylvie who is all of 5 weeks old.

After a killer day at the park we headed out for a couple beers and food to round out the night.

Seconds after the above photo, Amy screamed out, "KITTENS!" and almost made me wreck. Here are the kittens in question.


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