Hold my beer and check this out!

It was off to Montana for five days for skate camp. And not skate camp like Woodward but go camping in the woods, build a bunch of random stuff to skate, keep the good bits, and burn the rest. All fueled by beer.
The trip all centered around these 2 jokes:

What's the last thing a redneck says before he dies?
Hold my beer and check this out.
What's the last thing he hears?
You're doin it!

I laughed so hard for the whole trip that my stomach is sore.
But the night before we left town I heard that Deaner from FUBAR would be in town playing with his band. After a couple internet searches it was confirmed and off we went to the show. It made getting up early and driving on Thursday a bit difficult. But it was a great way to send Verg off.

Opening band. Their drummer was sick.

It's fucking Deaner! His real name is Paul and he's a nice dude. The band is called the CPC Gangbang.

We got talking to Paul after the show. He was stoked on Christian because it looks like he's straight out of the movie. We talked about favorite lines (Tron Funkin Blow), that he and Terry are making a Western, and I showed him the thumbgun on a 16oz tall can. Which is probably what destroyed me.

On the road in Irrigon, OR

Crack a beer at the border.

As we neared Missoula all the power suddenly went out of the car. We weren't paying attention to the guages and apparently this means empty.

Kevin Marks and Kevin Scott were nice enough to bring us gas. So we passed the time.

Rollin threes on the on ramp.

Bodee and dog.

Everyone took to their rain boards to get to the bar.

Front of the bar game of skate.

Me and Kevin Marks.


Chris Murphy.

Cheers, you're in Montana.

Both bearings blew out on the ride home.

Skate Ignatius, MT.

Doug's foot is looking great.

View from the park.

Montana is a beautiful place. I couldn't stop taking pictures of the scenery.

Kevin's shotgun attempt exploded in his face.

It's so beautiful that Doug wanted to celebrate with a shotgun but then puked it up.

The Ronan Airport Courtesy Car is a faded red, early 90s Ford Escort Wagon.

Back to Edge of the World for the Friday night ramp sesh.

Kevin couldn't hang so he passed out on the shop's couch.

He's a grown ass man and should know better. Because this is what happens when you do that.

Off to Al's & Vic's. Bodee and Kevin Scott.

Bodee and Kurt Scott.

The cops rolled through and of course they check Andrew's ID. It's his birthday and he can barely talk.

Great shot of Andy, Doug, and Erin.

Doug and Ross Peterson.

Lance had a pocket full of snacks.

Big guy in a little coat.

Shirts came off.

Just so Syd could prove she saw Andrew.

In Montana on the way out of the bar you get a to-go cup for your unfinished drink.

Syd and me.

Andy and Doug.

A snap fight broke out with Andrew's 2 shirts he left at the bar.

Creepy Manequin.

Someone had beer in their car and we lurked in the alley behind the shop until the wee hours of the morning.

What's up cat?

First one of the day for Doug. Shredded can and bloody thumb.

I had the same fate as Doug.

Clay already in party mode for skate camp.

Rob hydrating.

Unloading for skate camp.

Elliot and Mark started building staffs.

Staff meeting were going on all over the place.

Chris already getting dirty.

Measure up.

First runs.

Best hot dog roasting stance ever Rob.

Doug tried to pee on me.


Rob with a fist full of dogs.

Kevin took one on the chin while tearing down.

Rob with fire jump number 1.

Fire jump number 2.

Somehow Clay's shoes ended up in the fire.

Chin strap.

DIY karaoke. Boombox and a megaphone.

Matty hanging with the dogs.

This is where Kevin ended up after trying to tackle me. West Dakota my ass.


Elliot making shorts.

A .22 equals a wake up call.

This made Doug feel uncomfortable.

Lot's of skating happening on Sunday.

Take all the Dam pictures you want.

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Grenade Insider said...

Man stuff like this makes me wish i was a dude. dudes have all the fun.