I think I'm turning Japanese...

I think this prolonged gray spring is messing with my head. I might have Seasonal Affected Disorder or whatever it's called. Awoke to another potentially rainy Saturday and didn't think skating would happen. But dudes rallied me up to go skate Tracy's new quarterpipe. It was a blast until I got fixated on learning pivot to fakie. There were many, "you owe me a Sparks if you don't do it in ten tries." Well, I snapped after trying the trick probably close to 100 times and took my anger out on the old rollerboard. Good thing Brooke was there to blog it so I could steal these 3 photos from her blog! Thanks Brooke.

Anger management.

Feeling real good here.

I went home and set up a new board and then got the call that the fun had migrated to the dudebarn. Everyone was hanging out, drinking Sparks, and listening to the Get Up Kids. Aaahhh. If there had been Sparks around when I was 20 it would have been trouble.
This is some quality skating!

Our good buddy Yuji is now back in Japan. It was rad to have him here for a full month. His english is pretty kick ass now and I know he didn't want to leave. Come back soon!

We made Yuji perform some awesome maneuvers over his last weekend here.

How do you make a Chuck Norris shirt better? Cut the sleeves off.

You'll have to wait to see what this is all about when the Mean Jeans music video drops.

Skating to the party.

Party time game of SKATE.

Stoop lurkers for Shawn's birthday.

Nick focused Ben's board because in Ben's drunken birthday state a few nights earlier Ben wrecked Nick's wrist. It was time for a new board.

Ethan's glass coozy. It got smashed not long after this.

Ben is stoked to be at the party.

Probably Yuji's last Portland party for a while.

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