Heat Wave

Summer is upon us. That means it stays light until almost 10 and I'm probably drinking more beers than usual. It also meant a weekend that didn't consist entirely of skating. One thing about spots and parks here in Oregon is they are almost always in the least shady places. A couple exceptions come to mind - Burnside and mini West Linn. But when the temps are cracking 100, skating around on a concrete heat island is the last thing I want to do. So lots of BBQing and swimming went down.

Colin rolled through the dudebarn with a crew last week. It's rad to see dudes that can really shred skate the ramp.

Colin, nosegrinding.

Steve Reeves blazing a tail skidder.

Johnny Turgesen blasting.

Portland's finest all gather at the Clackamas River. Lots of dudes doing flips off the cliffs and lots of belly button piercings.

Off to a BBQ at the Weinstein's. Skylar hand boarding.

I like that this is how animals deal with heat. Winky staying cool.


Indy just had a tumor removed.

Little chairs for little people.

Why not have a backyard jam?

I gave the drums a try.

Skylar on guitar.

Ruby on keys.

Then to a noisier environment. The Tonic Lounge.

I don't remember this band's name but they were on point.

Andrew managed to pull his hair back into the skeeziest looking pony tail.

Set list on a paper towel? Could only be the Mean Jeans.

"Keep Portland Weird!" Nice mosaic car.

Diesel and Kool Thing are tight.

BBQ with Kyle's parents. Good times.

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