Galiano Island

Nothing like heading to Canada to celebrate the 4th of July. The day before leaving Tyler informed me that there was a man weekend planned to celebrate Travis's upcoming nuptials. This entailed heading to Brett's cabin over on Galiano Island to shoot pellet guns, drink beer, fish, skate, and swim in the ocean. All around a great couple days.

Waiting in the ferry line up.

For the entire ferry ride I had the "I'm on a boat" song in my head.

That's the US and Mt Baker.

Welcome to Sturdies Bay.

The cabin is right on a little cove. This happens to be where the main powerline for the whole island connects from the mainland. Not a good spot to drop anchor.

The swimming and fishing didn't take long to get started.


Trav and Jesse.

Jesse's 2 left feet.

Almost everyone caught at least 1 rock cod.

Brett unhooking a snagged line.

We shot a lot of pellets.

Bowling on the deck.


I woke up the first morning feeling like my eye was still very sleepy. Turns out it was really swollen. I think a mosquito got me in the night.

There are lots of hanging beer can targets.

We spent some time at the park on the island.

But it wasn't long until we were back at the ocean.

Tory's make-shift sandals he fashioned out of tape because he went out on the boat but his shoes were at the cabin and he had to hike back.

Eric brought bottle rockets so that we could celebrate the 4th properly. All the Canadians even gave singing the star spangled banner a shot. We followed up with O Canada and I felt like a hockey game should start immediately.

Back to Vancouver and after some resting a few of us got a little session going at Strathcona.

Craig got this wound from falling out of a tree while making out with a girl.

Pizza and beer with the crew was a good way to end the trip.

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