My Maloof money cup is filled with Blood Wizards from the pool party.

So it's been forever since I posted. With summer weather like this and spending most of my work day behind a computer, blogging is going to be neglected. That's the way it goes.

This wall was only slightly slanted but that didn't stop Brandon from wall riding over the hole.

Ben and Blair from Transworld question Oliver about the contest.

They cut out a chunk of the rail I guess because it was too high? I saw some kid with the piece of rail later getting it signed by skaters.

Darin is taken by all the action while Chami gets the shot.

Pete Eldridge and a leg of meat.

Snoop showed up and played 4 songs. Tight.

Jim Thiebaud and a massive stuffed animal.

Rune and I are homies now.

Chilling in the lounge.

Dane Burman practicing interacting with the kids for when he's big time.

Pete discusses strategy with Vern.

Dennis killed every inch of the course but because more attention was paid to what could be hucked down the stairs/blocks/rail, you'll probably never see this frontside wallride on any other coverage.

Back to Portland. We took a van full of Blood Wizards to this spot.

Toad took a spill with edge of the ledge directly into his arm.

Widmer likes to give us free beer at work. I took advantage of my new rack and brought these home.

Pool party at the Mean Jeans'. Atlan and a frog were there.

Verg says - No Beer, No Happy.

Better obey the rules.

Why not get in with pants and shoes still on?

Post-cannonball from Rob.

Andrew's hair is amazing.

Christian and Richard relax in their new pool.

Beach session due to the heat.

Diesel was there and loving it.

The beach turned into BBQing at the house, which lead eventually to some tattoos in the kitchen.
First up, Brandon.

Dave gets his while Caitlin draws Ryan's design.

Dave hearts Portland.

Well documented.

Ryan's skin didn't like this process one bit.

Meanwhile Nait enjoys life across the room.

It really was as uncomfortable as I look.

Blood runs from my roll of film. It has been called everything from a roll of toilet paper to an eagle hiding behind a trash can.

Our page of flash.

Nait, resting his eyes.

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