Now with more dudes! AND videos (but first you'll have to read through my inaugural post).

Yes indeed, the blog has been opened up. So I will commence with my first post. And following said post, you will find the first ever dude barn video episode to accompany the blog. I suppose it's our attempt in careless fashion to somewhat document the ridiculousness of our lives as grown up children. Or maybe my lack of work since moving to Portland has made me incredibly bored.

But as noted, before the video, find another weekend, and another rousing of suspicions and temptations and mostly as per usual, plenty of drinking and laughing. Things began with Cynthia's birthday celebration on Friday night.

Started things off at, of course, the Bye and Bye.

Headed to Tiga for the birthday...Is Koerner
ever happy???

Steve and the Cynthia the birthday girl.

We all know how much Derek loves candy. Tonight
was no exception.

In fact, he went to the market for seconds.

Note Lovejoy's creepiness in the background.

Mark got real tired of me taking photos.

At some point Ben and Steve felt it was a great idea to
arm wrestle. It has been confirmed that the words,
"over the top" were said emphatically by Steve.

Mellow Saturday night at the Slammer. Juke box
battles were in effect.

Joe hearts Portland.

A rather rainy weekend made Sunday skating at the
Tigard spot somewhat of a challenge.

And now the long awaited premiere of our first video
episode, if you can call it that. Find it in the link
below, and check back soon (long-shot) for
episode two.

DUDE BARN EPISODE ONE. from Dude Barn. on Vimeo.


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