"Rainbows make me lonely."

Last weekend began the countdown to Kyle's upcoming nuptials. To commemorate this occasion we drank beers, rode bikes around town, and of course went to Sassy's.
The evening kicked of at Ethan's house with BBQing and baked potatoes.

We got bikes.

A quick stop at the Bye and Bye.

Ethan hid a cooler at this location with beers for the crew.

Dan was in fine form. Here Jonah gives him a good punch in the gut.

Some rocks got thrown into the river.

I can't even begin to explain this or how funny it was.

Saturday walk with Diesel brought us upon some goats.

And the start of the leaf piles.

Double documenting.

We left the Beaverton park only to get rained on.

This is how a wet skatepark makes Steve feel.

Fall sunsets from the living room.

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