The Votes Are In.

What a pitiful response from you readers. Over the course of a week over 150 of you visited this blog almost 300 times. And how many of you voted? Fucking 32!!! Whatever, you apathetic fucks. The 32 of you who actually care made your voices heard. 14 was the majority vote to let the rest of the dudebarn crew post up here. I was pretty sure "Going to the Bye and Bye" was going to win. I was just there drinking beers with the crew before making this post. That should say something. Over the next day, week, or whatever I will give those creeps posting permissions. If you don't like it, you should have voted. In all reality I think Dave will be the only one who does anything.

Enough of the voting let's get to the BBQs, fires, crazy eyes, gNR, etc.

One last BBQ ramp jam to take us from summer to autumn.

Old boards met their fate.

Then, a couple nights later, Derek and his crazy eyes came out.

What to do on a Friday night? Project gNr videos on the shed and have a fire... sold!

Dave's favorite socks.

These stickers adorn an awesome classic wagon that is always parked at, you guessed it, the Bye and Bye.

Kyle and Lucy went and bonded themselves in matrimony.

It was so awesome that lasers were firing while they danced.

And flashes were popping like the papparazzi was there.

Verg rescued the BTEAM and is back in Portland. Look out.

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sarah spills said...

g&r night was probably my favorite night in portland.