All my Xes live in Texas.

Jonny's birthday. Guess where we went?
Jonny came up huge with the dice.

En route to Texas. Airport breakfast.

Traffic is rad.

An Ian Anderson original. Let's get him an art show in Portland!

The Houston park looks sick but it was closed when we went by.

Nice hotel, Derek.

This is my favorite bar in Texas, the Roll N.

Off to SouthSide for some shredding.

Dennis and Tim getting caffeinated while taking in some of the skating at the Johnny Romano Skate Jam.

Lot's of spectating to be done.

Josh, Tim, and Rob share a LOL.

As mentioned in a post down the page somewhere The Mean Jeans had their record release show.

Def Leppard style drum solo.

Probably the last dry day we'll see this year and we went to this spot again.

Open studios at Towne Storage.

We hung out and drank Mark's beer.

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