A couple of summers ago we got some new neighbors. They seemed like a pretty good crew of 2 dudes and 1 girl. We exchanged neighborly politeness on several occasions. One day while drinking a beer on my porch I saw them all heading out in the car. "Hey, what are you guys up to?"
"We're going to a show."
"Really, who you going to see?"
With some hesitation the reply came. "We're going to see the Queers."
"Bring on the beers, cuz we are the Queers!" I said.
I think after that exchange was when I really started to pay attention to the musical sounds welling from the basement next to my house on a daily basis. I really started looking forward to the evenings after work where I would kick it in the backyard with my lady and some beers and be serenaded by what was then a Mean Jeans 2 piece.
Fast forward a couple of years, a couple of 7 inches, and an additional band member later and those creeps from next door are releasing their first full length album. The last 2 7 inches have photos of mine adorning the covers, so I can only hope they've scooped another for the 12 inch record sleeve.
All of that aside, they are playing a show to commemorate the new release this Thursday in Portland at Ground Control. I want to encourage everyone to show up and scream the name of their favorite song for the guys to play - my favorite is Bogus Memories even though they never play it for me. And to sweeten the pot the Portland Mercury has declared this to be Mean Jeans week!
The point to all of this is come to the show Thursday and buy the new record because I know these guys need rent money!

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