A very dudebarn Thanksgiving.

I hate to admit it, but I failed as a blogger this long weekend. On Friday we found ourselves out on a skate adventure when I ran into fellow blogger, the Extreme Journalist, at one of my least favorite parks - West Linn. We had a long talk about the internets and I felt I should document our meeting for the sake of the blogs. That's when I realized that I had left my digital camera at home. I did however bring my camera bag with several film cameras in it. But by the time any of those shots turned into prints they would be ancient history by the standards set by the internets.
Here is a brief summary of that day - Had to iChat Hegarty because he wouldn't answer his phone only for him to tell me he was going to cut down a Christmas tree. Road bikes to Healy's with Derek. Went with those 2 and Lovejoy to Mini West Linn which was soaking wet. Which took us to the West Linn park. After getting our fill of that park we carried on southward to Canby where a vicious game of ledge skate went down. I swear I could skate those 2 ledges for the rest of my life and be happy. Hope that helps you imagine the missing day from the blog.

Here are the other happenings from the Tofurkey Day weekend.

I turned this dough into...

...this bread called Povitica. My Grandma used to make it every Thanksgiving. Just trying to carry on with tradition and deliciousness.

Thanksgiving Eve we had beers at our house while rolling some dice.

We're up everywhere!

Getting comfy at the Florida Room.

The big feast!

Some artsy skateboard shots.

And this little ripper who was hunting in the backyard.

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