The Best Road Trip Ever

I've been going through a lot of old photos and trying to get my shit organized. And one event that I have tons of pictures from is the best road trip ever. In 2002 about 10 of us made the trek from Boulder to Albuquerque. Greg took half the crew in the Suburban and Gordie and I drove our cars a day later because of work and had Conor and Putrid Matt with us. If I had my scanner up and running I would have 20 more amazing photos of this trip.

It started by me having to go to Conor's house and wake him up. Matt had stayed on his couch so that made life a little easier. Conor grabbed his new shoes and a can of pink spray paint and we were ready to meet Gordie. We then divided the passengers up. Matt hopped in with Gordie and Conor slept in my car. When we got to Pueblo there was stop for supplies, which for Conor was a bunch of booze and spray painting his shoes pink. And it was off to Santa Fe where we had a shredding session as the sun was setting. At one point I did a front board on a ledge and Conor got super excited that I did a trick. A couple hours later we joined forces with the rest of the crew and the splitting of 2 hotel rooms between 10 dudes.

Imagine how bummed that family is to see Conor's crack as he attempted this ollie.
The skating was amazing. Seriously, go to Albuquerque if you haven't been. But the best part was all the antics in between. Matt buying horror movies. Trying to convince Matt to eat a bunch of ranch sauce. Going to the awesome Chinese buffet. Wrestling, wedgies, and the quest to find out who the true leader of the pack was. A bunch of scumbag skaters trying to hit on the one girl at the skatepark. Freddy in full lurk mode. It could go on and on...

Jam getting hit in the nuts with an orange.

Jam volunteering to answer the door naked if security came.

And of course the skating. I think Conor is claiming this as the best thing he's ever done on a skateboard.

This is probably the worst looking switch flip but the best looking shot of Jam's board.

Maybe one of these days I'll get some more photos from this trip scanned and I'll add a new post. I'm sure I've missed half the hilarious shit we did. I wish we could do a trip like this every year.

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