Hippy Olliedays!

A couple notes before we get into this 1. First of all, the incriminating (or awesome, depending on how you look at it) New Year's Eve photos are still forthcoming. I'll save all my friends the embarrassment of the close ups that we did for fun on the TV last night (Dave and Lovejoy know what I'm talking about). Secondly, this and the NYE post have some collabo work from Dave. Rather than double up on a party we were both at, we combined forces. Dave's photos are more square than my long photos. They'll all be mixed in together. Here's to another year of everyone getting dudebarned!

Dave was really happy to be back in Portland.

Go back to Sellwood!

TG showed me and Molli the best video of his nephew Felix Bacon.

Hey Brandon, open your eyes!

This is my only photo from Christmas day. Kyle's awesome apple pie.

Derek came back a couple days after Christmas and we felt it was only right to pull a bit of a prank on him. After tossing out the ideas that were too ridiculous or destructive we settled on balloons.

We started with Steve's air compressor.

This is what the room looked like as we got started.

And 400 balloons later this is what ended up with. We all thought that many balloons would go a lot farther, but the goal was accomplished.

Then it was off to pick up Derek at the airport in Verg's sweet van.

Derek laughed at first and then remarked, "this is the meanest thing anyone has ever done to me."

Derek's Balloon Party from george cutright on Vimeo.


It snowed one day. Amy and I happened to be in Beaverton at the time. What a nightmare to get home. People cannot drive in snow here.

Bye and Bye part 1 (or 1 million, whatever)

I was long gone when this happened.

Off to Yur's to watch the Blazers play.

This bathroom art speaks for itself.

Amy, Derek, and myself.

Then it was Bye and Bye part 2(million).

Do you see the pattern developing in these photos of Verg?

Oh yeah, and we skated some too. I broke another board trying 360 flips. I landed this one, but too much in the middle. Last trick of 2009!

Give me a couple days for the NYE post. It is good. I promise.


Catherine M said...

balloon party? you guys are hella gay

brandon said...

hella yay!!!

dh said...

if by gay you mean homo gay, then you're spot on.