"Who roofied me?"

What a night. I'm convinced now that making no plans for New Year's Eve and letting it all fall into place at the last minute is the way to go. That way the night isn't built up into something too big. Krissy had us over for pre-party snacks and drinks to fill our bellys with food and kill those awkward evening hours before the real party started.

Lovely Ladies.

Short tie.

Photographer pose.

Tie lessons 101.

Carboy brought all the necessary supplies.

I spent a lot of time at this thing.

Now it gets fun!

Ben trying to deploy his umbrella indoors.

Why, you might ask. This is why.

That girl in the far right of the background yelled at me about champagne getting in her hair. I told her to look around at all of us being soaked. She demanded that Dave pay for some clothing that she thought was ruined and Derek saved the day by telling her, "you're too pretty to be mad." Good team effort.

Brandon scooped this real high tech camera.


Carboy getting fired up.

Dave, looking good.

Of course Lovejoy was picking up girls.

Party Lovejoy was out.

I included this just because of all the champagne on the ceiling.

Get 'em Nait.

The Boss was blasting.

Amy shakes her booty.

Dear Mark, you were not roofied. You just did this.

Here's to another year!

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