You know what would be awesome right now.... a blacklight

Went surfing with Doug just over a week ago. The waves were decent but I got thrashed about paddling out. I guess it's easier the more you do it but trying to surf took all the energy out of me.

Short Sands is always beautiful.

Not so beautiful at short sands - A dead sea lion.

Speaking of dead sea lions... Andrew's hair is looking quite good.

Verg is back from the road. Beers have been consumed.



Doug's birthday setup. Yes, that's the same blow-up waterslide from Skylar's 12th birthday. Also perfect for a 31st birthday.

That's not a knife, this is a knife.

Ben Freemole in town to cause trouble with Verg.

Pat, protecting his head.

Andrew, not one to be left out.

Great mix for the party.

Classic gift from Slammer. A signed photo of himself from 7th grade plus a Sparks.

Here's how Doug says thanks.

Wetsuits and waterslides.

Trouble in the kitchen.

On to the karaoke video game. I sang myself hoarse trying to one-up Andrew.

Onwards to Tacoma to attend Josh and Chelsea's wedding.

One man boat.

Saw this in the street.

Kool Thing in a showdown with Diesel.

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