Don't touch the theaters

More birthdays and end of summer fun recently. The shit weather lately almost made me think that the good weather was over. Even with the days getting increasingly shorter I know there's still some good skating weather left - that is if my foot ever heals.

Thanks to Jenny and Giordana I got this sweet bike frame. Thursday night Kyle helped me build it up and now this is what I'm rolling around town on.

Christian's birthday happened. Enter round 3 of the the jumpy-castle-waterslide.

Howie got Christian this sweet remote control helicopter.

But on the third flight, with Howie at the controls, it got caught in the smoke of the fire and went down in a firey crash.

Slide time!

MD and OE.

Best photo of the night.

Check the close-up.

Saturday night took the new bike down the waterfront to shoot some photos.

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