Drink some Joose!

We're losing daylight here and fast. Creeping towards the autumnal equinox makes me long for those mid summer days when the last bit of twilight fades after 10pm - and even more so for the summers past in Montana when it's light out even later.
My foot has started feeling better which, for better or worse, has gotten me back on a skateboard. I've just been taking it easy on the old dudebarn ramp. Now I know why old guys only skate transition. Much easier on the old joints. Skateboarding brings with it a lot of mental therapy. That's helping me deal with the retardedness I encounter at work quite frequently.
Even though I'm claiming to be skating again, I really didn't do much of it this weekend. I was being lazy which in turn made me feel bored and restless. Oh well, it wasn't stressful and I got some quality time in lounging with the dog.

The Mean Jeans played on Friday night. Christian refused to play Party Animal. But tonight I could hear them practicing the song. So play the fucking song at the next show!

You guys played WTFA401K twice. And come to think of it, your set went nothing like this.

Post Mean Jeans show we ended up at Red Flag. There was some classic zombie movie on and this sign that made me like the bar more.

Kurt Scott was in town from Missoula. Along with Doug we did some skating at the ramp and some hill bombs. Then back to Doug's to BBQ and to this fun time party down the street. Despite all that fun with Kurt I did not take his picture so you'll just have to believe me he was there. This band played in the backyard.

Someone gave Doug this Joose. He'd already put back a Sparks so this was completely unnecessary.

No, wait, it was necessary because Doug started climbing trees.

Then we went to a bonfire and I was a pile again on Sunday. End blog.

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