Funnel Cakes

Unintentionally, this is almost entirely a Nich Kunz post. We all rallied up at these funneled full pipes. They're down by the metal halfpipes that we've skated before. I got a couple good shots of Pat before he left town. Jonah shot his board over the barb wire fence and Nich was able to retrieve it but not without setting of the alarms in the yard. It took a long ass time before security showed up and gave us the boot.

Nich over the hole.

For some reason Nich is running one Indy stage 8 and one stage 9. The stage 8 is suffering from the bent axles that almost every pair had. But he just keeps skating them. I've offered him some new Thunders on numerous occasions.

Dudes met us on bicycle. I like Steve's little bike.

Then over to this barrier spot. Again, Nich shredding.

And Healy with a boardslide off the end.

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