Deaner's last weekend! Woooooo!

I'm having surgery on Friday for a hernia. It means a week of being completely laid up on pain killers with 5 weeks recovery after that. The doctor said basically nothing fun for 6 weeks total. So I treated this weekend like that scene in FUBAR when they go camping and partying for Deaner's last weekend before his surgery. I think I made the most of these 2 glorious days. Friday we went out. Saturday was the N.O.I.S.E. ride - see its own post. And Sunday was shred-tastic.

Carboy at Tiger Bar. It's fun to heckle him.

Yeah, amy and I were shredding.

Vanessa and Jen.

Lovejoy showed up on fire. I have probably 20 pictures of him getting awesome from this night.

He was picking people up all over the place.

Dear skatepark designers, this is my favorite obstacle ever. So many possibilities and so easy to build. This thing is one of the few reasons I keep going out to Beaverton on the weekends.

I've got to thank Egbert for the tip on this one.

We were having one hell of a tailslide session. Then we decided to go to the Hillsboro park. That place just bummed us all out. So we headed back to Portland for burritos.

Caught this tender little moment on the ride back.

Jen will probably have some more photo documentation of our Sunday skate adventure here. Her blog reminded me that we've had the ramp for a year. Shit that means this blog is probably 1 year old now. I guess I have a big digital journal to look back on. Here's to you ramp....

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