Rabbit ears for your flat screen

Sunny Fall days are the best. There's something about the angle of the sun, the crisp air, and the changing colors that makes these days some of the best. That is, as long as the rain stays away. The impending winter is quite the motivator and while I was still fighting off the last bits of a cold we rallied and got 2 epic days of skating in.

Shane and Karie have an epic mantle with a nice flat screen TV that is hooked up to rabbit ears.

We spent a few hours at the Beaverton skatepark. Remember Rollerblades and Razor Scooters? Well, they are alive and well in Beaverton, OR. My favorite kid was on a cheap dual suspension mountain bike, rocking track pants and a shitty leather jacket, and a full face helmet. To top it all off he was talking to himself non-stop and at one point there were some dogs barking far off and he said, "shut those fucking dogs up!" Classic.
The old park is fun for metal edged curbs and manuals and the new section is pretty fun.
Egbert came through with a couple other spot suggestions. Good times.

Rolling rollers.

Juppy jumping the can.

Sunday ramp jam. Colin doing something or other.

A little late on Jeremy's rock and roll on the extension.

Micah smith grinding into the extension.

Sunset sesh at Burnside.

Airwalk dismount by Doug.

Doug out of the quarter and into the face wall.

Dan hooked me up with some wood for a project. This is his shop/home.

Ben just posted this on myspace about his trip to Seattle with Nich.

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