Sick blog!

Sick as in I've been sick. Friday I had surgery for an inguinal hernia. They patched me up with some fancy plastic webbing and a gave me a bottle of percocets. Maybe I'll take a picture of the incision in the next few days. So the last few days have been confined to the couch and immediate vicinity. Being bored and looped out I decided to snap some shots. Especially since the sun was shining and I was wishing I was out playing in the sunlight. So here's my world.

Friday curled up with slippers.

Scenic views.

Other scenic views. Had the curtains drawn for awesome movie watching.

Roses are still blooming.

Amy brought home a pile of leaves.

Diesel enjoying the sunshine.

Maybe with her time in the sun.

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The Hound of Love said...

I was going to harass you and say "What? Too sick to blog?" But then I found this...
Watch any awesome movies? If Bill & Ted's is too confusing, that can't be a good sign....
Feel better bro.