I will tackle you in the face

The rain is here. It is officially fall. I don't know what to do with my days when it's raining. I'm sure I did something last winter but I can't remember what it was. Boredom will break way and I'll figure it out. Until then here's to hoping there are more matinee punk shows.

Saturday morning scramble with 2 kinds of hot sauce. Yum.

Taking photos of a punk show while it's still light out is new for me. But the 5pm show was fun.

This is 2/3 of the Stolen Minks shooting self portraits while the Mean Jeans play. The Mean Jeans played a show with them in Vancouver recently and they came through on their epic continental tour to play Portland.

mmmmmidlife, mmmmmmmohawk.

Classy, all around.

The Stolen Minks.

Andrew rocking the eye of the eagle.

The Pity Fucks rounded up the lineup.

Bumper pool!

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steffi said...

wow!!! i'm a dork! i like these photos. nice meeting you too!