10 minutes to downtown is 10 minutes too far

It's nice to be skating a lot more now that my toe is feeling better. It's still not 100% though. At the same time skating is super frustrating at the moment because of so much time not on board. And landing kickflips still hurts like hell. I'm thinking this was the last week or so of real summer-like weather. Rainy days will be a lot more abundant soon. At least I was out soaking it up.

The ramp expansion is now complete just in time for the rains. We've now had the ramp for a year. Tons of fun.

Brian was 5-0ing almost the entire width of the ramp.

Lovejoy rocking a foil mold of Derek's face.

We hit this spot on Sunday. The ground is completely horrible but the steps are rad.

Tuesday was the Monotonix/Silver Jews show. Monotonix is my new favorite live band and I'm bummed that I missed them a few weeks ago when they played here. They setup in the middle of the floor of the venue, moved and played in every available part from the stage to the balcony and everything in between. Loud, awesome rock with crazy energy. Go see them if you can! I realize these photos aren't top notch. Low light and not being close is not a good combo.

Ending the set from the balcony. Dude jumped stagedive style from up there.

The Silver Jews were good too but kind of lackluster after the energy of Monotonix.

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Jeremy said...

That was such a sad session on those steps... Then you look at the photo and it looks so tiny and mellow.