45s and hungover in 2002

Today I ended up at a record store in St. Johns scouting locations for our catalog photo shoot and while waiting for the photographer to show up I couldn't help but dig through the records. So much good stuff. But I couldn't leave without this gem.

Also today I received this awesome email from my good friend Chris Fitzpatrick:
i was digging through some stuff and found this photo of you. damn you look good, and real happy, especially that i just took a picture of you after you threw-up. we had not even driven any where you sat in the car and had to get out. bang.
i got the plum tree photo, and i like it a lot.
as far as ASR is concerned. there is a possibility that i will head down there. but it is still tentative.
SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! man college was fun. talk to you later.

So that's me after a night of hanging out with Jesse Green in Ocean Beach. Puke on the sidewalk, feeling like shit. Amy's comment was that I still have a lot of those clothes and still wear them. I guess not much has changed in almost 6 years.

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