Later for you '07

Here's a quick 07 wrap up:
Started working at adidas 1 year ago today.
Surprised amy for our birthdays in Vancouver.
amy finally moved to the USA.
Got married in March (to amy of course).
Spent a lot of quality time chilling in the backyard when the weather was nice.
Got my first TLR medium format camera and love it.
amy and I had our wedding party in July.
Met the guys that turned out to be the dude barn.
Acquired a ramp and put it at the dude barn.
Learned how to put my thumb through a beer can.
Skated a lot.
Bought a digital camera.
Got a guitar and am trying to learn how to play.
Lost a Grandma.
Tried to have a great time. Made lots of great new friends. And I'm ready for more in 2008.

Alright, enough with getting all sappy...
These shots round out 2008.

Kyle and Andrew getting philosophical.

What are you looking for in the fridge?

Sleeping cat.


Max and Soda Pop.

The Journey DVD was already in full effect when I got to Verg's birthday party.

Me and Doug.

Guitar Hero!

Back to the Journey DVD. It probably played through 7 or 8 times.

Just look at Steve Perry's mustache. It's an inspiration.

Can't help air guitaring.

Followed that with some high kicks.

And then scream the chorus.

This came from the best store in Montana - the $10,000 Silver Dollar.

All the Journey got everyone Fired up to do kegstands.

Andrew holding up Verg.

Andrew's turn.

And those look like Kyle's shoes to me.

Spotted a pygmy panther.

Nice Bacon video premiere Colin.

Pussy in a box.

Who needs coozies when you have gloves.

Verg is unimpressed with Andrew's air guitar solo.

It's not a party without the RAD soundtrack.

Andrew's face says it all.

Ski mask!

I think I just found next year's Halloween costume.

I saw this champ at Saturday Market. Some kind of shimmery pants, dual plaid shirt, a clear over coat/rain jacket thing so everyone can see it, topped off with a purple purse.
And the guy in the stall yelled at me for taking pictures. haha.

Doug got some karaoke video game full of 80s hits. So we rocked it out on Xmas eve.

It was so rad that we had to move it upstairs to the big screen and surround sound. That made it easier for me to kick Doug's ass in duet mode.

Remember at the top when I talked about putting my thumb through beer cans?

Best way to spend Xmas - shooting guns up in the woods. It even snowed.

Brandon and his .40 S & W.

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