The only good part of leaving PDX at 7 am is the view of Mt. Hood without clouds. If I had maybe 5-10 more minutes of light this would have been the most epic shot.

adidas threw an event for Tim O'Connor for the release of his new shoe. We got a bunch of his friends together and roasted him. It was amazingly funny. The open bar was pretty amazing as well.

No one was safe from Nieratko.

Tim, his wife Jody, all of her sisters (Jeanne Marie, Olivia, and Joanne), and Stefan.

All the nights in town blur together. This is the night we had sushi. Good stuff at Nobu. That thing on the left is a big chunk of bamboo that held our sake.
This fish tail was meant to be decoration. Andrew almost ate it for real and then Brett gave him shit and pretended to eat it.

Then he tried to force it on Matt.

I saw this champ somewhere along the way. I have no idea whether this is a guy or girl. But look at that get-up. Huge hair, beaded rat tail, shell belt, and a huge jug of water... WTF.

Ended up at Kansas City BBQ, which is featured in a little motion picture known as Top Gun. It is now my second favorite bar in SD behind the Jewel Box. Sadly I never made it to the Jewel Box this trip.

This photo shows Goose and Maverick singing in the bar.

Must be good luck to leave your hat here. Maybe it's so you don't end up like Goose.

Apparently Jordan is now a chick.

Jess was window shopping for his family.

Tim and Jascha.

Me, Jody, Ricarda, and Jeanne Marie holding it down at the beach bar.

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