The good old hockey game.

If you've never head of Stompin' Tom Connors I suggest checking out his good ol' Canadian folk/country. He sings the penultimate hockey song which I can only describe as the second national anthem of Canada. On that note we went to a Winterhawks' game.

This dude was huge.

Apparently too loud for this little guy.

Post-game gathering at my house. Brandon with the dual thumb opening.

Adriel and Kara getting in on the fun.

PJ was in town from Laramie, WY. He put back quite a few beers without a thought due to the altitude, but it only took one cigarette for him to break out the inhaler.

Amy got so frustrated with trying the thumb trick that she smashed a beer on the ground. Verg's response? "Wait, there's beer in that beer."

School lunch victim.

Kyle was loaded and still winning arm wrestling.

We got a sunny Sunday and went on a skate mission. But of course ended up a shitty spot. I got bored and artsy.

Potluck at Kyle and Lucy's. Kyle and his ambrosia salad.

Friday night in Portland the Mean Jeans are playing at Ground Kontrol with Todd C.'s (of F.Y.P) new band the Underground Railroad to Candyland. Sounds like an awesome time to me. See you there or look for the photos here.

Anyone want to go snowboarding this weekend?

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