Went to a party last Saturday night....

Friday night saw the Mean Jeans opening for the headlining Underground Railroad to Candyland. This brought everyone down to Ground Kontrol including Shawn and Brandon.

Andrew was once in a Judas Priest cover band (or was it a tribute band... Andrew?) called Hugest Feast.

This tall, sunglass wearing front man was an interesting member of Underground Railroad to Candyland. He was manning the merch table until the first song, then he sprung up with mic in hand shouting random backup vocals. Meanwhile the real frontman, Todd C., was off to the right doing his thing. There was also a guy who only played 1 tom, a high hat, and a tambourine. Regardless, they still rocked.

Bouncy front guy had some good props like this pac man balaclava thing.

Picture from the floor.

Checking the results.

Went to this party last Saturday night...
Here's the dance floor. After I left Andrew suffered a thumb injury due to a dance move gone wrong. The thing he was most bummed out about - he injured his shotgunning thumb.

On the way home from the party I saw this perfectly good looking waffle on the sidewalk with only one bite out of the corner. Seemed like a waste of a good waffle.

Sunday afternoon laziness. Verg posted up with Max.

I went snowboarding for the first time in 5 years on Sunday night with Ethan. It was a good time. Snowboarding makes my knees ache now though. Ethan had us stop at an awesome restaurant on the way home. Delicious mac n cheese and Robocop on TV.

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