Trying to do more photo-ing, I borrowed an idea about a photo exchange program. The concept is simple. Send out a bunch of photos to friends who like to take photos and then they send me a photo back. And from there it goes back an forth and hopefully spreads to other friends. Then we're all taking more photos and getting cool mail. The guy I borrowed the idea from has a blog with all the photos he gets posted up. Head over and check out my contribution to film por vida. Hit me up if you want in!

Pat had a premiere at Dunes for the Coda video. It was fun times.

Pat was wearing drink tickets like a scarf. The tickets were good for a beer but the genius bar didn't have a back up keg of the 1 beer, Rainier, that they have on tap.

The warm up for the video was some Queen live performance.

Dunes is one of the smallest bars I've been to and every inch of it is full of seating including these front row disco ball seats.

As I was writing this in the condensation in the window Brandon was starting to do the same thing then looked up and saw me doing it. Great minds think alike.

I stayed in on New Year's Eve because Amy was sick and it would be mean to go out and party while she chilled at home in bed alone. So on New Year's Day I was about the only person I know who was fired up to go take advantage of the not rainy weather. I went on a bike ride and shot some photos.

While riding I got a call from Verg saying that the crew he was out with from the night before woke up and started the party again. They were nearby so I wanted to check out the chaos.
This was late afternoon after hours of Mimosas. Jenny was out cold the entire time I was there. Kotar and Nikki were going strong.

This guy was in the other room, passed out with his hand in his pants. Nice one.

I then got the cold Amy had on New Year's and so I didn't do much all week. Saturday night a couple friends came by early for some foosball. Andrew and I decided to try and capture the thumb shotgun technique. We have dozens of photos of trying to work out the timing and another 10 or so of shooting photos of each other's cameras to see whose has the shortest shutter lag. But they're really only funny to me and Andrew.
Here Andrew lines it up.



The Hound of Love said...

EVERYBODY knows that shutter-lag-comparison-test photos are HILARIOUS!
- dancin' outlaw


I bet you could get access to a high speed video camera from work. I want to see this shit in mythbusters slow-motion.

My thumb still hurts.